NaPodPoMo 2019 – Episode 29

thelovebug's audio musings
thelovebug's audio musings
NaPodPoMo 2019 - Episode 29

In today’s near-midnight, penultimate, recording, I recount being doorstepped by a representative of the Brexit Party, share my views on the EU Referendum, and make a point about respecting other people’s opinions and beliefs.

Things mentioned

  • Penultimate episode, actually out on the road
  • 3D printer arrived today, but there’s something odd with it, more tomorrow
  • Doorstepped by a representative of the Brexit Party
  • Brief spiel about the EU Referendum
  • The point of this episode:
    • Treating other people with respect and having respect for their opinions
      (where there is no harm to themselves or others)
    • “I may not agree with what you say., but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
      misquoted here, but attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall (not Voltaire)

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