NaPodPoMo 2019 – Episode 28 (on day 29)

thelovebug's audio musings
thelovebug's audio musings
NaPodPoMo 2019 - Episode 28 (on day 29)

In my longest episode for this month’s NaPodPoMo challenge, I talk about US national events around this time, the concept of getting away from work whilst in work, and go on a bit about flexible working.

Things mentioned

  • Social breakaways at work
    • Playing pool in the afternoon
    • Doing the BBC’s Quiz of the Week over a video conference
  • Company expectation of you during the working day
    • Flexible working
    • Agile working environments
    • The importance of non-work time during a working day
    • Getting away from your desk, not working through your breaks
    • Self-managing teams, freedom of work schedule as long as the work gets done
    • Taking breaks when it’s appropriate, not at fixed times
  • I don’t think I could go back to a fixed hours, fixed breaks work environment now

Call to action

  • Let me know what social breakaways you have at work? What do you do, either as a team or an individual, to escape from the workplace whilst in the workplace?

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