I am a podcaster of 11+ years standing, with fingers in an increasing number of podpies.

Podcasts I host or co-host

Podcasts I produce

Admin Admin Podcast

My solo podcasting spaces

thelovebug.org [RSS feed]
Audioblog on Anchor [RSS feed]

Specific solo projects

NaPodPoMo 2016
NaPodPoMo 2018

Podcasts I contribute to

Crivinscurrently on hiatus
Hacker Public Radio: as a host, as a guest: HPR2658
Made In The UK Showcurrently on hiatus

Now sadly defunct

AMPed New Music Weekly

Podcasts I have guested on

Ubuntu Podcast: episodes S10E23 S10E24
Admin Admin Podcast: episode #068
Late Night Linux Extra: episode 05 at OggCamp 2018