NaPodPoMo 2018 – Day 13 – Places of Marvel

Dave Lee
Dave Lee
NaPodPoMo 2018 - Day 13 - Places of Marvel

In today’s episode: I mark the passing of a Marvellous legend, and talk about my favourite places.

Wikipedia: Stan Lee (1922-2018)
Instagram: Caroline’s tribute to Stan Lee

Question from Jonathan: (taken from his Day 2 episode)
“What is your favourite place?”

Wikipedia: Burbage Brook
Wikipedia: Longshaw Estate
Wikipedia: Burbage Brook

Thank you to Al, John, Mikael, Jonathan… all of whom have interacted with me over the last 24 hours.

Please join me tomorrow, if you can.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question on Day 12 (forgot to say so yesterday)
    You asked for more questions today so here’s another couple.
    What was the last CD music album you bought and how long ago was it?
    With the apparent resurgence of vinyl records again do you think music being produced on physical media is still important?
    Really enjoying hearing your shows. That’s for encouraging me to join in this year.

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