NaPodPoMo 2018 – Day 03 – One beer

Dave Lee
Dave Lee
NaPodPoMo 2018 - Day 03 - One beer

In today’s episode: the boiler is bleedin’ demised, I dodge a question about how I started podcasting, and I mention another NaPodPoMo from @NorCalGeekDad.

Today’s question, from Rich:
“You obviously enjoy podcasting. What got you started, and why did you start?”

Check out the episode I recorded for HPR: hpr2503 :: My journey into podcasting,
which gives a full background in how I started podcasting, and my evolution.

A new NaPodPoMo I’m listening to is from @NorCalGeekDad over at

Thank you to Martin, Jamie, Jonathan, Chris, and Al – for commenting, liking, replying, emailing and however else interacting over the last day – particularly for the various comments relating to the well-being of my boiler… and also to James and Chris, who liked or replied to Day 1’s episode on Facebook, which I missed!

Please join me tomorrow, if you can.

Find more details here:

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