My thoughts on the patent war

As Samsung attempt to prevent sales of the iPhone 4S, and Apple try and prevent sales of the Galaxy Tab, I feel I must share my opinion on the patent war. I’m no lawyer, so my terms may appear basic.

The whole issue of software and design patents is pathetic. Huge companies suing similarly huge companies over the design and concept of each others products.

Apple is suing Samsung for breach of patent over the design of the Galaxy Tab because it’s too similar to the iPad2. I mean, if you’re going to design a tablet, of course it’s going to look like another tablet. It’s a tablet!

Samsung is suing Apple over something to do with wireless data transmissions.

Both Samsung and Apple (amongst others) are paying an absolute fortune on lawyers fighting patent battles, and patent protection deals with other companies, effectively indemnifying them against any future patent-related action from that company. This is all money that would be better spent elsewhere, and probably money that will end up costing the consumer – that’s you and me, folks – more to buy their handsets.

This whole situation is stifling innovation and creativity, and suppressing competition in the market place… something which is – in many countries – illegal! Everyone involved should bloody well grow up.

Oh, and stop paying bucketloads of money to Microsoft – yes, I’m looking at you Samsung – don’t you realise that Microsoft are making more money from Android than they are Windows Phone? Or is this just you being spiteful towards Google for buying up Motorola Mobility?

This is going to snowball out of control, and end in litigious tears.

My true feeling on this situation can only be summed up accurately in the words of one of the greatest heroes of the Great War:

Captain Blackadder: You see, Baldrick, in order to prevent war in Europe, two superblocs developed: us, the French and the Russians on one side, and the Germans and Austro-Hungary on the other. The idea was to have two vast opposing armies, each acting as the other’s deterrent. That way there could never be a war.
Private Baldrick: But, this is a sort of a war, isn’t it, sir?
Captain Blackadder: Yes, that’s right. You see, there was a tiny flaw in the plan.
Private Baldrick: What was that, sir?
Captain Blackadder: It was bollocks.

Scarily accurate, if you think about it.

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  1. Well said that man. The only winners are the lawyers. It’s our duty to put a stop to that at the very least 😛

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