NaPodPoMo 2021
NaPodPoMo 2021

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In this, the seventeenth episode of my NaPodPoMo series for 2021, I’m driven by anger at the announcement by Paramount to withdraw Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix.


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  1. It seems international fans were not the only ones shafted today. The cast found out about the last-minute change at the same time as you all did!

    Someone Somewhere made a huge mistake.

    There was a reason that this show didn’t release the entire series like most Netflix shows. It’s a hugely popular series and spoilers are incredibly difficult to avoid. This means that US/Canada viewers will watch and discuss and make it nigh on impossible for Internation fans to enjoy the show without being spoiled.

    Wonder when streaming services will realize that the vast majority of people will get tired of the stream after stream being released and I hope that their streaming service release is a big flop.

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