Freaky door closing…

Something really freaky happened yesterday.

I had just picked my motorbike up from it’s service, and brought it home. I parked the bike at the side of the house, went into the house through the front door, unlocked the back door and side gate, and brought the bike into the back garden. I locked the side gate, secured the bike, came back into the house and locked the back door.

Then I heard the front door close.

I’m like, maybe I didn’t close it properly and the pressure from closing the back door closed the front door… but that wouldn’t have worked for two reasons: 1) the pressure to close the front door would only be generated if I opened the back door, and 2) even that would only have worked had our back door been hinged… it’s a patio door.

So I’m now freaking slightly… I know I closed the front door when I came in, so the only likelihood is that someone else opened it and then closed it when they heard me back in the house. So, calling on my extensive knowledge of TV shows and film plots, I did the only thing I could do in that situation…


No answer.

Well, duh… of course there’s no answer… there’s no-one else in the house. But still… I checked outside (bearing in mind that the time elapsed between me hearing the door close and this particular point in time is only about 6 seconds) and there was nothing there.

So now I’m freaking a lot. Clearly someone tried to get into the house whilst I was in the back garden, and could potentially have been waiting for me to go and collect the bike from the side of the house before trying to get in.

Not here, surely… not in this village.


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