Walled Garden

NaPodPoMo 2021
NaPodPoMo 2021
Walled Garden

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In this, the thirteenth episode of my NaPodPoMo series for 2021, I ask whether the definition-creep of the word “podcast” is acceptable, or should it not include closed walled-garden content providers.


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  1. Well I am a couple of days behind but when I saw the description on this episode I knew that I was going to have something to say about.
    I am a podcaster (Wander Radio over at WanderRadioProductions.com *ding*).
    It is a habit that I could not shake over the last 15 years. Podcasting has been a great platform for me when talking to the world and much like the Bugcast share some wonderful music that I still have in rotation on my player today.
    For me (and I suspect you as well Dave) podcasts are defined by the RSS feed. Whether or not it is behind a pay wall or not. I know some podcaster authors that have gotten their start with the free model for their books and have something like a Patreon feed for extras and those are behind a subscription wall but still have an RSS Feed.
    “podcasts” (I use this term loosely) on spotify or some kind of pay wall … (I think Audible has some audio dramas as well) to me these are not podcasts but are merely some type of audio show.
    As I sit here and I am typing this out and thinking about what you have said in this podcast (Yes I used this term correctly) I don’t think it is the pay wall that has your feathers ruffled. It is the platforms throwing around the term podcasts like it is something unique to them. Some of the things that have changed since we started “podcasting” (You old dog you) is that most of these platforms did not exist when we started. Also when we started you could not easily listen to podcasts in your car. (i had to burn mine to CD Rom and listen to them that way. I also walked up hill in the snow in my bare feet to school. Both ways.
    These days you can stream any of your content into your car while your phone is connected to the radio via bluetooth. These platforms are taking advantage of that and the rest seems to be just marketing to an ignorant populace that just wants to be entertained now.
    If you can build your audience to the point where a platform takes notice of you and you decide to join then you have to deal with your audiences reaction good or ill.
    This is my take on it. It is something that I think we could actually discussion in depth some time in the future.
    See you on the other side

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