NaPodPoMo 2019 – Episode 21 (on day 22)

thelovebug's audio musings
thelovebug's audio musings
NaPodPoMo 2019 - Episode 21 (on day 22)

After putting the recycling out, I try and keep reasonably quiet whilst talking about dinner and podcasting. I really have nothing to talk about… apart from lots of stuff.

Things mentioned

  • Doing the recycling
  • Looking forward to dinner
  • Preparing for tonight’s recording of The Bugcast
  • Lots going on in Podcasting
  • Trying to keep quiet whilst outside
  • “I really have nothing to talk about…”
  • @firemanrich and his podcasting workflow
  • Offering support and advice in podcasting production
  • Hacker Public Radio episode 2658 – Questions on podcast production

Call to action

  • Is there anything I can help with in your podcasting workflow?

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