NaPodPoMo 2021
NaPodPoMo 2021

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In this, the seventh episode of my NaPodPoMo series for 2021, I give you a whistle-stop tour of my musical history from around 1977 to the current day.


  • Pink Fish – my cousin Phil is the drummer in this band
  • Ollertones – I am the drummer in this band

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Funky Horns by Stefan Kartenberg
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  1. My musical is very different from yours. When I was 6 years old my neighbor across the street gave me piano lessons. It afforded me the ability to read music and play with my right hand… needless to say I was never able to master the piano. Which led me to when I was 8 tired of trying to play with my left hand, my parents got me into the trumpet. Which turns out to be the same instrument the my great grandfather played in the salvation Army marching band back in the 1920’s. When he past I got the trumpet that he bought back in 1922. (I have the receipt from the mail order place that he purchased it from.) This led to me joining to the high school band when we moved to Oklahoma. It did help me make new friends. I was kind of shy as a kid not that anyone believes me today. In the high school band, I learned baritone and tuba as well. But pretty much gave up those pursuits after I got out of high school, I do bring out the trumpet every now and then just to make sure that it works and it is something that my grand daughter may take up as she is showing the same love for music as I.

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