Two days to go

So yeah, there are two days to go before we jet off to the super-equatorial jungle paradise that is Borneo.

We’ve got arrangements for the kids sorted, we’re 50% packed, we’ve got our travel and transfers sorted, we have passports and other ID, we’ve checked that all of our digital devices can be switched on, we’ve checked that our cabin luggage meets airline size specifications, we’ve ensured that our liquids and bottles are within guidelines, we’ve bought local currency, we have our tickets, we’ve mostly tested that we can video call the kids (obviously we can’t test properly until we get there!)…

There are almost definitely things that we’ve done that I haven’t mentioned above, but hopefully nothing that we haven’t done that we need to do.

We’ll probably do a video (via YouTube) and audio (via AudioBoo) test on here in the next day or so, just to prove that we can update here with all of the main media: text, pictures, audio, video.

Watch this space, more soon.

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