Such language in this house!

Amy used those two fateful words this morning for the first time.  
You know, the words that translate roughly to “go forth and procreate”?

She overheard it on a YouTube video that we seriously didn’t expect to hear it on.  The words themselves were fairly muffled, but that didn’t stop her asking if the “… person on the video just said [those words]”  Unfortunately, because Caroline and I were trying desperately to prevent ourselves from moistening the bed, she felt the need to ask the same question multiple times, whilst we were physically unable to answer her!!  

Thing is, I don’t see how Amy would have picked up those words from the video and then repeat them so /clearly/ unless she’d heard them somewhere else… and it certainly wasn’t from us.  I might refer you back to a comment I made last month about the potty mouth nature of some parents, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if it came from a parent or child from her school.


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